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Pronto Pizza's chefs prepare creative and innovative dishes to create the ultimate collection and delivery experience. Our quality ingredients ensure the best possible food available for your friends and family. The staff at Pronto Pizza are quick, friendly and attentive. Thank you for choosing Pronto Pizza, order a takeaway online and see why our customers consider us the best!

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29 Watford Way
Hendon, NW43JH

Popular Dishes


cheese and tomato


ham and pineapple


onions, mushroom, tandoori chicken, sweetcorn, green peppers and tomatoes


onion, mushroom, mexcian chicken, green peppers and tomato sauce


spicy beef, ham, pepperoni and sausage


double pepperoni and double cheese

Customer Reviews of Pronto Pizza

645 reviews


  • I am leaving a complaint via live chat as I am appalled by how late it was and the lack of communication


  • Not good


  • The driver was so rude when he delivered the order. He kept like insulting me because i havent replied on his imessages while i wrote in the notes of the order to let him call when arrive. He kept telling me in a rude way the next time i will charge you 10 pounds. Overall the way he was talking to me was so so rude


  • Breaded mushrooms were 👌 and both pizzas were pretty good too. Open really late, will order late night munchies from here again!


  • didn’t get the wings I ordered with the whole meal


  • Really tasteless pizza. Also ordered 2 x any pizza with 4 toppings as my friend is very specific about her toppings where as I'm not, so ordered veggie hot with four toppings, yet mine just turned up as a margherita like hers with the 4 toppings selected, toppings I wouldn't have chosen had the the toppings of the pizza that was supposed to be on it turn up! Yuck! bland!


  • Amazing


  • Half an hour late the food was ok though


  • The meal deal was amazing.. I mean a large pizza, chicken wings, cheesy pizza bread and a 1.25L bottle of coke for just 13,95 is incredible. The wings and the pizza bread was very good. The pizza itself was ok but not the greatest. Delivery time was normal. Overall I can recommend it!


  • ok


  • asked for a pepperoni, received a bacon Margherita instead which tasted like absolute shit! and on top I also ordered 8 spicy wings and only received 5 and they weren't even spicy. ohhh well I guess that's what to expect from a 2am order.


  • food was well cooked however there was hair in my pizza which was really off putting 🤢🤢🤢


  • they sent me the wrong order and when I called them they hang up on me. also, the food was cold and the delivery was late


  • Hairs in my food 🤢


  • I was waiting way too long which is more than 1h, I asked to put black olives topping on my pizza but they didn’t. Bad experience